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Rainelle Community Development Corporation

The Rainelle Community Development Corporation was organized in July 2011 to serve as the charitable and philanthropic nonprofit organization devoted to assisting in revitalization of the Town of Rainelle, West Virginia, and indeed the larger community including Western Greenbrier County and Eastern Fayette County.  As a 501C3 organization, the Rainelle Community Development Corporation supplements the work of government, education, business, civic and religious organizations.

The Rainelle Community Development Corporation has no staff.  All labor is volunteered.  For information or to offer your services, contact Joan C. Browning, President, Rainelle Community Development Corporation, PO Box 1147, Lewisburg WV  24901 or by email.

Section 1. General Purposes.

In accordance with the stated purposes in the Articles of Incorporation, and as a supplement to them, the purpose of this Corporation is to operate a non-profit organization for community welfare, education and scientific purposes by developing, establishing and functioning to:

A. Promote, support and manage community and economic development in Rainelle, West Virginia and the surrounding area and to cooperate in these activities with other similar organizations, especially those located in Greenbrier, Monroe, Pocahontas, Fayette, Raleigh and Summers Counties.

B. Preserve historic artifacts, buildings, monuments and sites of historical importance to the Town of Rainelle, West Virginia and the surrounding area.

C. Promote, support and assist in the development of the arts, culture and humanities as they affect the economic, social and cultural development of the Town of Rainelle, West Virginia and surrounding area.

D. Provide a quality, non-governmental organization to serve as a central clearing house and fiscal agent for various groups and organizations seeking to improve the economic, social and environmental circumstances of the citizens of Rainelle, West Virginia and its environs.

E. Establish policies and procedures necessary for the management of the organization and any facilities and programs which it might establish.

F. Employ or arrange for employment of sufficient staff to operate such programs and facilities.

G. Encourage and support economic development, historic preservation and volunteer activities aimed at improving the quality of life in Rainelle, West Virginia and its environs.

H. Cooperate with any public or private entity, professional groups or other interested parties in the furtherance of these objectives.

I. Perform all acts that are necessary or proper to accomplish the foregoing purposes that are not repugnant to law.

J. Provide an organization which is to have and exercise all powers reasonably and lawfully necessary and convenient to the accomplishments and furtherance of the above stated purposes, including the power to apply for and receive, employ, use disburse and account for grants and loans and assistance of all types from the United States government or any subdivision; to enter into contracts or other agreements with any agency, persons, or other legal entity; the power to lease or acquire, own, maintain, encumber and dispose of real, personal and mixed property of all types; the power to receive and manage funds from any private source with the right to integrate such funds with those received from any Federal, State of local organization or agency, provided the proper accounting procedure is followed.

K. The enumeration of these powers shall not be construed as any limitation upon the general powers of the Corporation, excepting that nothing herein contained shall be deemed to authorize or permit this Corporation any power prohibited by law.

L. All activities shall be exclusively for purposes as determined by section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.


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