Rainelle Meeting To Discuss Flooding

Rainelle Mayor Andrea J. “Andy” Pendleton invites the public to an information meeting about potential approaches to flood control.  Dennis Burns will talk about the Meadow River watershed with emphasis on potential approaches to help mitigate flooding.Flood 2012

The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, October 28, in the RainelleTown Hall.  The public is also welcome to remain for the regular Town Council meeting which begins at 7:00 p.m.

“Water dominates the two problems I started working to solve three years ago,” Mayor Pendleton said.  “It looks as if in the spring we will finally have everything in place to begin the $2,600,000 upgrade for drinking water.”

Controlling the too-frequent floods presents another difficult set of circumstances, the mayor said.

Rainelle is located in a “bowl” through which the MeadowRiver drains run off from AltaMountain and most of western GreenbrierCounty.   Sewell Creek, Little Sewell Creek, Boggs Creek, and Wolfpen Creek crisscross Rainelle before draining into the Meadow River.

While about the last five miles of the MeadowRiver at the confluence of the GauleyRiver is suitable for whitewater rafting, through Rainelle it is a slow moving stream.  The meandering river is unable to flush itself of silt.

Slow moving waters and silt build up are aggravated by erosion on creek and river banks.

The mayor reported that she and others have held many discussions and meetings with all agencies who might be able to assist.  She especially commended volunteers Steve Carr and Kevin Williams for trying to resolve flooding caused by the water backup where Sewell Creek flows into the Meadow River.

“We have a proposal before the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers for funds to help with flooding,” Mayor Pendleton said.

The public is invited to come hear about the Soil Conservation Service and the MeadowRiver watershed.

“Solving Rainelle’s flooding is a complex problem,” Mayor Pendleton said.  “Everybody is invited to come and help us try to find solutions.”

For further information, contact Mayor Andrea J. Pendleton, 304/438-7191 or 304/667-9233 or andypen241@msn.com.


Almost to road

Almost to road

Flood 2012



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