Mayor’s Walk For Health


Springtime has traditionally been a time when Rainelle Mayor Andrea J. Pendleton and friends set out on a long walk. On May 18, the mayor invites people of all ages from all over to join her on a fourteen-mile hike from the bottom of Airport Road across Little Sewell Mountain to Sam Black Church.

Registration opens at 9 a.m. on Saturday, May 12, at RainelleTown Hall.  The walkers will be driven to the foot of Airport Road and begin walking at 10:00 a.m.

“Some of us have made this walk a springtime tradition,” Pendleton said.  “This year, with our emphasis on outdoor activities, I invite everyone to walk with me.

The walk route meanders over back roads through some of Greenbrier County’s most scenic areas, the mayor said.  The route includes areas with challenging uphill climbs and places with slightly rolling terrain.

“We are not racing so it will take about three or four hours to walk the fourteen miles,” Pendleton said.  “We will take a steady pace with rests and a lunch on a log’ break.”

Pendleton suggested that walkers might want to bring cameras to record the route’s beauty.

The Mayor’s Walk has no registration fee, no race timing, and no competition.

“Just bring your peanut-butter and jelly sandwich and lots of water,” Pendleton urged.

Pendleton suggests bringing your cell phone and make sure that friends or relatives are prepared to come get walkers who find the distance too far.  Rides are also needed to bring all walkers from SamBlackChurch back to RainelleTown Hall.

“Rainelle Police Chief J. P. Stevens has promised to help assure the safety of the walkers, if other public safety issues do not take precedence,” Pendleton said.

Pendleton said that more than thirty people from all over the area walked with her last year.  The 2012 Mayor’s Walkers were: Patrick Stone, Jessica Dawn-Wright, Samantha P. Wright, Lonnie T. Campbell, Robin Smith, Justin Utberg, Michael Stover, Lisa Walton, Adam Harmon, Danielle Martin, Donna Osborne, Tearsa Daniels, Linda Whitton, Anna Cox, Robert Keaton, Lora Keaton, Gary Keaton, Crystal & Ella Keaton, Kimberly Baire-Harris, Raven Baire, Susie Minturn, Gail Fleshman, Jalen Thomas, Amy Pursley, Katie Legg, Dennis Legg, Dawn Podwels, Sandy Crist, Chris Stevens, and Courtney Smith.

For further information contact Mayor Andrea J. Pendleton, 304/438-7191 or 304/667-9233 or


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